Ye Merchant of ... Portsmouth!

2016-03-09 13:30:58 09.Mar.2016


We are pleased to announce that registration for the festival's Shakespeare Sells event (week of 18th to 23rd April 2016) is now open for University of Portsmouth students!



How To Make Our Theme Work For You

Shakespeare sells. That we know. So how can our Shakespearean Market help you sell products?

Even established stallholders can make Shakespeare work for them:

Say you bake ... How about making a special festival loaf to advertise what you can do? (Find out about bread in Shakespeare's day here.)

Lady Macbeth's Guest SoapMaybe you make face creams or bath products ... Ever thought of theming them, Shakespeare-style? You could use play title or the names of heroines to inspire you: this person's done it with chocolate bars!

What about the artists out there? Think about the possibilities for Shakespeare illustrations and cartoons for cards, postcards, mugs, tea towels ... You can take Shakespearean inspiration into pretty much anything!

Shakespearean Insult MugAnd don't worry: as long as you have a 'Shakespearean' centrepiece, you can sell your 'normal' range as well!

If you want to join the market but need a bit of extra help with thinking about how what you produce (or would like to produce) could fit with the theme, please email our organizers.




To register as a stallholder for the event, please email the following details by 31st March 2016:

  • Full Name
  • Your University of Portsmouth student number
  • Which day(s) of the festival would you be interested in hosting a stall for
  • What type of stall you're offering / what you sell
  • If you would like to be featured in promotional pieces on our website in advance of the market days, please send us a short blurb – up to 200 words – about your product(s), and a photo of yourself and/or a product or products)